Plastic Extrusion Screw CAD/CAM Solution

Specialized Tools for 3D Screw Design and Layout

Create CNC programming code for Screw Machining

Synergy Features:

Variational (Parametric) Design

Direct associativity for drawings and toolpaths
Allows creation of designs with variable dimensions
Programming of family of parts
Associativity between features
Dimension based associativity
Feature interchangeability


Graphic Visualization

OpenGL rendering
Multiple light and material colors
Dynamic rotation, pan and zoom
Definable layers, planes and views
Multiple masks, colors
Multiple lines and types
Tool placement and animation



Single, chain, and datum dimensioning
Linear radial diametrical angular dimensions
Automatic dimensioning capabilities
Tolerancing, high/low, plus/minus
Symbols and annotations
American and international standards (ISO)



Bidirectional IGES
Import DXF
Support all entities, including dimensions, annotations, symbols and layers


AMO Knowledge Based Machining

Captures machining processes and strategies
Links design features to machining strategies
Tool and material libraries
Feeds and speeds databases
Tool path editing and manipulation
Automatically generates documentation


Simulation and Visualization

Syn-Cut: tool path simulation
Manual and AMO driven verification
Wire frame 2D-3D simulation


Machine Technologies

Milling: multi-axis, pocket, drilling, indexing
3D machining: zigzag, roughing Z-plane
3D finish path: z level, parallel, normal, offset
Undercut checking
Multiple tool entry including tangent and helical
High speed machining
Hole Making: drilling, tapping, and many other point to point hole operations
Turning: 2 and multi-axis, time study
Wire EDM: multi-axis, no core, auto thread support


Post Processing

Turbopost post processor
Generic post-processor templates
Custom post processor generator
End-user modifiable


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